My Scare This Week

Hey guys, so I’d like to tell you about my week. It’s been uh, awful to be honest.

So Monday was a typical Monday…at first. I woke up, ate breakfast, and headed to class for my last lecture of the semester for Pathophysiology. After lecture, I drove to the car dealership where we recently bought our new car and got my new license plates put on (YAY), got a free carwash (double YAY), and popped into Target for a couple things (triple YAY, because who doesn’t love Target!?). Anyway, so I was heading home from Target and I took back roads due to the beginning hours of rush hour. I simply wasn’t in the mood to be stuck in traffic on what should be a short drive home.

On these backroads, I was struck by another vehicle. IN MY NEW CAR. I was driving straight South and another vehicle was turning left or crossing straight over, I’m not quite sure which, from a stop sign on the other side of the street. They turned right into my lane and right into my car. I did not have a stop sign, stoplight, or yield sign. She said she didn’t see me and my guess is she was watching for traffic on the left side of the road but not for traffic on the right (aka me).

Now I have never been in anything other than a fender bender and guys, this was SO SCARY. It was a really HARD hit, at least it sure felt like it…and I was only driving about 30mph. It all happened so fast. I was just driving home and all within seconds our cars collided, airbags ejected, and my car went flying into the sidewalk. I honestly don’t even remember the airbags hitting me but I have the welts to prove that they did. I remember after coming to a flying stop and realizing that I was hit and noticing all the airbags were out and smelling that awful, awful chemical smell they let out, I started panicking. I took off my seatbelt, tried and tried to put my car in park but it wouldn’t allow me to, so I I just left it on and climbed out of that car SO very fast. I was probably hyperventilating, standing on shaky legs at that point and just crying. I was in so much disbelief of what just happened and I’ll say this again and again, THIS ALL HAPPENED SO FAST!!!!!!!! Car accidents really do happen in the blink of an eye. I was only driving low city speed limits and that was hard enough to total an SUV. I can understand now how highway crashes end lives!

People pulled over to help and check on us and I just remember that I didn’t care about myself during that moment. I did not want to sit down. I was fine, I was on my feet and that was good enough for me. However, my legs felt weak and my abdomen felt heavy. All I could think about was, “dear god, please let this baby be ok.” If you didn’t know, or you forgot, I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby. All I kept saying was. “I’m fine, but I am pregnant, I should probably get checked out.” I really am thankful for the people that were around me, that called 911 and that waited until my husband showed up. I wish I could tell them that now but at the time, I was in such a daze that all I wanted was my husband and to get out there and to the hospital to check on my baby’s status. I was a mess…

I am also so very thankful that I did not get struck 2-3 seconds later because I would have then been struck in my driver side door and I can only imagine how that outcome would have gone. Also, I am MOST thankful that my baby is ok!! After the police report and after getting checked out by medics, my husband drove me to the emergency room (I was not about to take an ambulance ride when I could very well walk myself in). We were sent straight up to labor and delivery to get the baby checked out first. Oh how relieving it was to hear his heartbeat beat strong on that monitor and how even more relieving it was to feel his little baby kicks shortly after to remind me that he was there and well.

I did have to go back down to the ER to get myself checked out from a more medical perspective but all was well as I had suspected. A few welts, a few nasty bruises left from the seatbelts is what I went home with. I am blessed and I am thankful.

So yeah, that’s how my week started.

Tuesday morning, I woke up with a super sore neck and shoulders and went straight to the chiropractor. I always thought people just went to the chiropractor after accidents to get the money from the other insurance provider, but it’s a real thing you guys. I AM SORE!! It is much needed, especially in order to prevent complications that can arise later down the road. I missed a day of work and I missed my last lecture in Chronic and Palliative Care this morning due to a lack of car and a follow-up OB visit related to the accident.

Initially, my plan for the week was to start studying for finals (this is the week before my nursing school finals) but that obviously didn’t happen. I tried focusing on studying yesterday but it’s been impossible!!! I have gotten no studying accomplished, whatsoever. Since the accident, all I have done is worry about the baby and our brand new car (well ok not brand new, but new to us, it was a 2016 SUV) and what would happen next. I am carless, don’t know for how long, and it’s all just stressful and frustrating.

My follow up with with the OB this morning confirmed that baby’s heartbeat is still there and strong and everything regarding me looks great so now my mind is much more at ease. Hopefully now I can really start focusing on studying for my three finals next week!! There is a LOT of content to review before Monday!

Maybe this week will end better than it started……

Thanks for reading and please, please, please drive safe everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week.


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