Gender Reveal

Well guys, the day finally came and my husband and I discovered that we are having a baby……………


We are so happy and feel beyond blessed that baby boy “Henry” appears healthy and is developing as he should be. We are already so in love and cannot wait to meet him.

I won’t lie though, the thought of having a boy slightly terrified me at first and I admitted to my husband that I didn’t know if I knew how to be a boy mom. However, that fear disappeared quickly and upon exiting our appointment, I was already in love with him and the idea of bringing a little boy into this world (I am already dreaming of all the fun sport activities we’ll be participating in). Of course, my husband is thrilled as well and is more confident than ever about raising a little boy.

My husband…let’s talk about him. He’s been my rock through all of this. I had all the worries in the world about this appointment and he continued to tell me that our baby will be just fine and he was. I continue to have all the doubts and worries about being a parent in general because worrying is what I do and he’s been calming and reassuring about that too. I truly wouldn’t be able to do this without him! He has been so calming, understanding, supportive, and helpful this entire pregnancy and I know that he will be an amazing father. I cannot wait to watch the bond develop between father and son.

Are you a mama of boys? Do you have any tips or advice that you’d like to share? Anything would be great appreciated!

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week everybody.



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