A Bit About Baby

Baby S is my whole world right now so with that being said, you’ll be hearing a lot about them in the upcoming months. He or she, whatever their gender may be, is all that I think about, talk about, and even dream about. All of this is so very new to me and I am falling more and more in love with the little babes every single day.

He or she has finally made their appearance known and at almost five months, this bump of mine is growing daily! I am at that stage though where sometimes I look very pregnant and other times I don’t look pregnant at all. At work for example, a couple coworkers of mine told me last night that I don’t even look pregnant and that they’d never know unless I told them but then today at school, my instructor commented how I am finally starting to show!

Baby S is 16 weeks & the size of an avocado!

I have been keeping track of baby’s progress on my nifty phone apps and according to theBump weekly updates, baby S is starting to hear my voice, form taste buds, and grow hair, lashes and eyebrows this week. Also, I guess that I should start to feel baby’s movements in the next few weeks or so, so that’s exciting!

On another good note, this mama is feeling MUCH better compared to those first few months! I have more energy and motivation to get moving. However, I also get out of breath quicker due to my expanding uterus and increased blood volume, so my moving is slow. But hey, I’m MOVING! All I wanted to do those first 2-3 months was lay on the couch because I was so exhausted all the time. This is a very nice change!

Other signs of baby S? I am hungry ALL THE TIME, get random hiccups throughout the day, and feel more emotional than usual.

Let’s talk about that hunger though. Hear me when I say this, pregnancy hunger is on a whole different level. I snack like every two hours and half of the time I am getting frustrated because I don’t know what I want and all of the food in the cupboard looks boring or I get intense cravings for a single food item that will not disappear until I indulge. Oh, and if I don’t eat right away when I feel hungry, the hunger gets INTENSE! This part is hard at school and work if I don’t have good snacks. But really, it does makes sense though because I AM growing a human inside my body. No, I’m not eating double for two, I don’t believe in that, but I am needing to eat more. It’s one thing I don’t think I will miss about being pregnant! ALTHOUGH…I may miss that you CAN eat more without necessarily gaining the weight. I think I just now in the past week or two gained my first two pounds. Not bad, huh? Watch them start piling on though….

Anyway. Enough about me and how I’ve been feeling. Tomorrow I get to hear baby’s heartbeat again and I will be setting up the gender ultrasound!!!!!!!!! Ugh, I am so excited about this, you have no idea. The not knowing is killing me!

If I consider my symptoms, I feel like I am having a girl, but both me and my husband think we’re having a boy, just because. Our immediate thought after finding out we were having a baby was that it will be a boy. I guess it’s just something we’ve always imagined! It’ll be so fun to find out (hopefully less than a month away)!

Well alright though, I’ll wrap this up. Thanks for reading everybody and keep in touch! Hopefully my next post about baby will be news about the gender 🙂


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