Recharge Day

Today I took a day to recharge my mental status. It was just what I needed.

These last few months have left me feeling mentally and physically drained, lazy, uncomfortable, ugly, emotional, and more (I blame it on the pregnancy). However, in the last week or two, I have been noticing a slow increase in energy and a positive change in my mental status. So things are looking up!

As a result of this increasing energy, I have been feeling extra restless and so I decided to take a day to venture out of the house and treat myself. It’s spring break, so today was better a day than ever.

I spent the majority of the day at the mega mall, aka Mall of America with the hubs. I was on the hunt for the perfect rain boot and guess what? I found them. I ended up with some ankle-length Hunter boots. Originally, I planned on buying a Sperry or Sorel boot but then I fell upon these and couldn’t pass them up. They’re the perfect rain boot!


With the enormous amounts of snow we received in February and temperatures warming up, we are going to have major flooding this spring!

Anyway, point is I guess, that today recharged my mental status and I currently feel happy and content. I woke up, had a good breakfast at home, dressed into a cute top and jeans (instead of leggings), went to the mall with the hubs, browsed around for some boots, bought some boots, ate a yummy lunch at Twin City Grill, and treated myself to an iced tea at Starbucks. To top off the day, I was complimented on my outfit a couple times which greatly boosted my self confidence and my oh-so-sweet mother in-law complimented me on my pregnancy “glow.” That one almost made me cry. Due to my hormones, I’ve had bouts of horrible acne and I have been feeling extremely self conscious because of it. When I look in the mirror, I see nothing but the acne, so to hear that I “glow” was heart-warming. I really did feel great today though and it must’ve shown!

A little flushed & bad lighting, but I felt happy & that’s all that matters! 

Mental health is important and we all need to take personal days here and there to recharge. For me today, a little retail therapy did the trick! Tell me, what is that you do to recharge yourself?

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