Semester One Success

Hello all, I’m back ūüôā and I would proudly like to inform you that I have successfully completed my first semester of nursing school!! What an accomplishment this was for me.

There is so much to say and so many experiences to talk about but instead, I would like to talk about an important life lesson I learned this semester. I learned that I need to start believing in myself a little more.

From the beginning, I struggled getting into the nursing program and¬†when I finally did get in, I was scared to talk about it too much¬†or to¬†share too much on social media. I wasn’t¬†confident¬†that I could do it even though I really,¬†truly wanted it.¬†Eventually, I¬†did realize¬†that I could do it, and that I could even do well at it. So I worked¬†and studied hard, stayed on top of all of my assignments, passed¬†all of my test-outs and exams, and¬†exceeded at clinicals. That I¬†am proud of!¬†I worked harder than I ever have in school this semester.

Then¬†finals week came along…I started studying the Friday before my two cumulative finals, four days before. Don’t do that, ever!¬†I now know that I definitely need to start studying for¬†finals¬†AT LEAST one week before. I felt semi-prepared¬†as I drove to my theory (health promotion and the role of the professional nurse) final Tuesday afternoon. With that being said, I left that final in tears and cried numerous times over¬†it in those next 24 hours. I felt like I had completed bombed¬†my exam. I only needed 62/100 which seemed extremely doable but after taking it, I felt absolutely terrible about it. I even had a serious talk with my husband about what would happen next! If I failed the exam, I would fail the course, and therefore I would be dismissed from the program. Not only was I upset, but I was supposed to study that evening for my nutrition final the next morning! To make it worse, our grades wouldn’t be released until both exams were over. I wasn’t worried¬†about failing nutrition¬†(got an 85% on that final)¬†but was extremely worried about theory.¬†With what felt like an eternity, my grades were released Wednesday afternoon, a few hours after the nutrition final. To my disbelief and pure excitement, I received an 82/100 on the theory final!! That was¬†MUCH better than I expected! I was so worried about passing that I was unsure about almost every answer I filled in and I let my doubts and stress get to me.¬†So from¬†this experience alone, I realized that I have NO faith in myself. I knew the content in the final but acted like I didn’t. Where was my confidence???

So, lesson learned: Believe in yourself and be confident!! One can accomplish things they never thought possible if they put their heart and soul into it. Next semester, my goal is to stay focused, regain some confidence, and to keep reminding myself that I CAN DO IT. I am proud of myself for successfully making it through semester one despite the stress, the tears, and the doubts. I have  learned so much and am looking forward to learning so much more come January when I will be taking Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Chronic and Palliative Care!

For now, I am just going to enjoy every moment of my winter break! Thanks for reading everybody and have a happy holiday weekend!! Christmas is just around the corner!

Christmas trees are one of my favorite things ever, so here is a little cheer from me!

ps: it feels great to write in NON-APA format ūüėÄ !!!!!!!!!!!! (most nursing students will understand)




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