Mid-Semester Slump

Hey guys, so as you know, I’m a little over halfway through my first semester of nursing school…and let me tell you, I am in the deepest slump ever!

Over MEA break, I majorly slacked off and that is obviously not ok for a nursing student. Nursing students don’t just take time off (seriously). Ever since then, I cannot climb out of this rut I am in! It’s like all my motivation flew out the window and I am having the hardest time pulling myself back. I’ve been horrible about studying and starting my assignments, which just keep getting loaded on by the way. It is starting to appear that I’ve reverted back to my old self, the queen of procrastination.

I even overslept through my first lecture this morning…which was the worst feeling ever! Missing a normal, average lecture every once in a while is fine, but it is NOT ok in nursing school (not for me anyway). So now I need to play catch up on that and make sure I have good notes of my own on that chapter…

What is happening to me though!? Where did all of my motivation go!? Is anybody else feeling what I’m feeling? I absolutely cannot let myself fall behind!

So please, if you have it, send some major motivation and tips my way! It would be 100% appreciated!


(I’m going to go and try finish that scholarly paper of mine that I’ve had at least two weeks to do and is due Sunday…)


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