Five Weeks In

Hey guys!

My goodness, it feels like it has been forever since I have popped on here. As I mentioned back in August, I am officially a nursing student, so I have not had much time to get on here and post anything! I am in week five now and let me tell you, things picked up VERY fast.

I knew coming in that nursing school would be hard, but phew, guys, IT IS HARD! I was definitely not prepared for how fast things would pick up and I most definitely did not expect the amount of readings that we’d be assigned to do! The reading is the craziest part. For each lecture and each lab, we have assigned readings and it’s so much, it’s almost not even realistic! I started out good, reading each chapter we were assigned, but I soon realized how time consuming it is, and finally learned that I need to prioritize. I now focus more on power points, weekly objectives given by the instructors, and making note cards that go with each powerpoint and added notes from that lecture.

To get a mental picture of my schedule, I am juggling two lecture days a week, two lab days a week, a hybrid (half online/half on campus) nursing nutrition course, clinical once a week on Friday’s, and working 24 hours a week. Along with that, I’m also trying to maintain a healthy relationship with my husband! Seriously, the struggle is real there. I feel like I am always distracted with school and slacking BIG TIME on cleaning duties around the house. I really am so thankful for the amazing husband that I have! He has been so understanding and has helped me out so much already. But anyway, if this schedule still does not sound like a lot to you, remember that there are different assigned readings for each of those days, and often prep work for labs and clinical days. This does not include assignments, self scheduled lab time for test-outs, weekly quizzes, and studying for exams.

Now do you see? IT’S SO MUCH!! Let me be honest here too, I’ve had my first mini breakdown already. So yes, you could say that I am most definitely feeling overwhelmed… ALL THE TIME. I’m exhausted 24/7 (hence the featured image) from the early mornings and long days, but I’m just over here trying my best to stay focused, organized, and positive minded still. It is unreal how fast-paced nursing school is and it seems as if we never stay on the same subject for more than one day at a time, yet somehow we’re still learning it. I have found it very helpful that I am a nursing assistant already because when it comes to lab, I’ve known how to do some of the activities already like ADL’s, transfers, and repositioning. I’m also a skin champion at work, so when it came to learning about tissue integrity last week, I was able to understand a good portion of it.

With all that we’ve learned so far, here are the major points we’ve earned so far:

  • We had our first test out on hand hygiene and vital signs. It was so scary, but guess what!? I PASSED on the first try! If we fail, we do get to remediate and test out again, up to three times even. Nobody wants to fail though and have to spend valuable time making it up.
  • We’ve also had our first clinical simulation experience. I was soooo stressed for this! I don’t even know why, but I was so worried about failing, until I realized you can really only fail unless you don’t arrive prepared. We were given a scenario to prep for and for my first one, we had a live actor, an instructor, playing our patient. We were assigned in groups of four, with a primary RN, a student RN, and two observers. We don’t get assigned our role until two minutes prior to the experience and I was the student RN! They do that so we all equally prep for the experience and will be ready for any role. If we knew ahead of time that we’d be an observer, it would be easy to get by without doing the work. It turned out to be a great learning experience though! I’m a little nervous for the next one now.
  • We had our first big discussion posting in Nutrition. It was more like a mini paper than a discussion, and I (very excitedly) got 40/40 points! That was a HUGE relief because I honestly thought I did pretty bad.
  • Lastly, and most scariest, we’ve had our FIRST exams of the semester for both theory and nutrition! I didn’t do as well as I wanted to in theory, but still passed, and I am still waiting on results for nutrition! I’m super duper scared to get those results back…please cross your fingers for me that I did OK!
Practicing blood pressures on a mannequin arm in lab for test out day!

It definitely feels good to have moved past the first two exams though. I now know what to expect and what to do better on when studying for the next ones. I am still very, very busy, and trying my best not to stress out too hard! Right now, I am working on two papers that are due Friday:

  1. I’ve got a health, history and wellness assessment paper – I had to interview and assess an individual over 65 years old using a variety of assessment tools.
  2. The second is a mini nutrition assessment paper that correlates with the other paper, using the same individual.

Other stuff I’m working on?

  • I am also prepping for my clinical Friday morning. I’m excited but nervous for this one. We will be assisting with vision and hearing tests at an elementary school!
  • We have also just been introduced to our next test out topic, which will be head-to-toe assessments! So I have to start thinking about this now and schedule some lab time for practice.
  • I had three prepU quizzes (NCLEX style quizzes) to complete this week that I finished tonight. Another one opens tomorrow…

Anyway. Those are the main items I am focusing on right now and looking ahead at my calendar shows that I will have lots more to worry about starting next week already. It’s truly never ending, but nobody said nursing school would be easy!

Well, that’s it for now I guess. I just wanted to pop in to say hi and to give you all a little preview of what life as a nursing student looks like!

Have a happy weekend everybody. Send me good vibes!!


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