“I Can’t.”

Summer vacation is dwindling, and fast! In just THIRTEEN days, I begin my first semester of nursing school. I will be starting the MANE (Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education) BSN program at one of the eight MANE colleges here in Minnesota and let me tell you, I am going to be VERY, VERY busy!!

May the odds be in my favor (seriously though)!

SO my friends, family, fellow bloggers, and whoever else may be reading this, I suggest you better get used to hearing these two words, because I have to get used to repeating them. “I can’t.” It’s true too! Once I begin nursing school, I will not have hardly any time for any sort of a social life. Between studying 11 credits which include both lectures and lab, Friday clinicals, studying, and working 48 hours biweekly, I will not have much free time to begin with. Busy right!? Plus, any free time that I do get will be focused on spending time with my husband, as we’re both beginning to realize just how little time we’ll get to spend together! Obviously, we’ll see each other because we’re married and live in the same house, but with all my school stuff going on and us working opposite shifts, it’s going to be very little. Regardless, I think we can handle four months here, four months there, and four more months of having very little time to go on dates, adventures, vacations, etc because we both know that it will be well worth it in the end! I am just so thankful that he is as supportive and encouraging as he is.

In all honesty, I am beyond excited though! I feel like I’ve been working towards and waiting for this moment for a looooong time. It’s going to be quite an adventure with probably both ups and lots of downs, but again, it will be worth it. I am so ready for this new chapter in my life.

I suppose I should mention then that I won’t be posting on here all that often in the next four months, but will try to update you all on my busy life here and there. I am sure I will have lots to say when I do! Also: If you’re reading this and are a fellow nursing student or nurse already, please share with me all the advice, encouragement, tips, tricks, etc that you have for making my nursing journey any bit easier. I most definitely need what I can get and would highly appreciate it!

Have a good rest of your week everybody.





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