Living the Plant Life

Well. I have officially gained back my obsession of plants (yes, this means that my past plants have probably died). Within the past month or two, I have been brainstorming ways to bring plants back into my home and today, I finally took that first step. The obsession increased after I paid a visit to my sisters in Washington, end of May, where I saw her huge abundance of indoor plants. I was so in awe. There is just something so brightening and cheerful about some added greenery in the house!

To be truthful however, I’m a little bit of a “stinge” when it comes to spending money, so I have been looking all this time, but not buying. I’m also literally so indecisive, that I’ve been to the plant stores, numerous times, loading up my cart even, but then continue to leave with nothing. It isn’t that plants are expensive, but it’s everything that comes with it, like the pots and the soils. It adds up quick! Today though, I finally decided that it was time. I was bringing home some indoor plants no matter what. I started the day out by driving to Michael’s in hopes of finding some cheaper planters, and I was so pumped I did. I scored! They were having their summer sale, so I guess I lucked out, because I brought home two pots, one hanging planter, one five-slot succulent tray, and another square tray, all for like $18 only. After Michael’s, I headed to Bachman’s, my favorite plant store, and well, I had to chuckle at myself. All this time of loading and emptying my cart, I ended up with a total of six plants. So it turns out, I’m either a go-big or go-home type of person…I did choose some great picks though!

  • An aloe vera plant
    I’ve been wanting an aloe for a loonng time, not only because they look awesome and purify the air, but because they have great medicinal uses. I had an aunt that used to have one and I remember when we’d use it in the summertime for sunburns as kids. As for that sweet rock you see, that’s from my sister! She painted that. She lives in Longview and painting rocks, leaving them for other people to find, and finding other people’s elsewhere are like this huge thing!
  • 3 Small Succulents (the big one pictured above was not purchased today, but a few weeks ago)
    I still haven’t found a spot for this quite yet, and yes, I still need two more to complete the tray!
  • A Spider Plant
    Another great indoor plant for helping purify the air!
  • An Ivy Plant
    I love, love, LOVE hanging plants! I can’t wait until the ivy branches start to drop. 

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my selection today! I did some conscious thinking before purchasing, and then specifically chose plants that are also supposed to be good for purifying the air, and are semi-easy to care for.

Do you want to know what the problem is though? I want more already! I am already thinking ahead and have an idea of what other plants I want to add eventually. I for sure want a large floor plant and a medium-sized ceiling plant that don’t require a lot of sunlight. What kind? I’m not quite sure yet, I’ll do some more research before buying. Oh, and I definitely want another fern this upcoming Fall/Winter! The options are endless, but hey, the more, the better in my opinion.

Tell me though, what do you think!? What plants do you have inside your home? Share a picture if the comment section allows!

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