If you know me, you know that Fall is my favorite season. However, this is Minnesota, and we must experience all four seasons, regardless, right? Right. So with that being said, there are pros and cons about every season, even Fall, and with it being Summer right now, we’re going to talk about that!

So let’s see. Summer is typically very busy and truthfully, comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Most people say it’s too short, but personally, I think it’s just right. Come May, I am itching for Summer to start, and come end of August, I am most certainly itching for Fall to start. For now though, I’m just enjoying the days that I have!

Let me tell you what I like most about Summer:

  • Outdoor Events
    • Festivals, carnivals, concerts, markets, art fairs, picnics, and more all summer long!
      • MN State Fair (I try to go every year)
        • August 23rd – Labor Day
  • Grilling
    • Hot Dogs, burgers, BBQ chicken, pork chops, steaks, need I say more?
      • I still prefer a good ol’ hot dog over a burger!
    • Veggies
      • My favorite are grilled carrots! They are seriously like candy. See below for my recipe!
      • Obviously potatoes
      • Do you grill any other veggies?? Give me ideas!

        Just make sure to wrap in tin foil!
  • Bonfires and S’mores
  • Bare feet and Sandals
  • Fourth of July
  • Gardens, Flowers, Plants Galore
    • I don’t have my own garden, but I did put out a porch planter, one hanging plant, a small fairy garden (which is seriously lacking in creativity in my opinion), and a small potted plant this year! It isn’t much, but it’s a start.
  • Just simply being outside, all the time
    • Weather permitting of course
  • Greenery Everywhere
    • The trees, the grass, everything.
  • Corn on the cob
    • It doesn’t really get good until August, but when it does, YUM

Here is what I like least about Summer:

  • Mosquitos
    • Nasty little blood suckers, they are
    • No, but seriously, THEY ARE THE WORST. I have so many bites right now on my arms and legs just from being outside yesterday on the fourth!
    • Actually, though, all bugs. I hate them all and they all come out during the Summer.
  • Humidity
    • It can get really gross and muggy!
  • Road Construction
    • IT’S EVERYWHERE and it lasts all summer long!!

Really though, there isn’t much not to like about Summer, it’s just all about preferences. I prefer a little bit cooler weather, yet not too cold, and a season without a lot of bugs. However, like I stated above, I am still thoroughly enjoying this current season. After all, it is only beginning of July anyway! I have been trying to find fun things for the husband and I do together, because before you know it, I will be starting Nursing school, and poof, there goes any last little bit of social life I have! Come Nursing school, I am going to be very, very busy.

Enough about me though! What are your most and least favorite things about Summer?

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