Feed The Birds

I’d like to start off by saying, that I am completely aware that this hobby of mine is that of an old person’s! I don’t care though, because I seriously, truly enjoy watching the birds come to my feeders and play in my bird bath! It’s entertaining and it’s cute.

Obsess much, you think?

(sorry not sorry)

Ok, seriously though. I am happy to report that in the past month, since I’ve set up my feeders, the birds are still frequenting them. A couple weeks ago, I found a small bird bath at a garage sale, and thrilled, I set it up right away, and guess what? The birds love it! They were in it the very next day already!

But let me tell you what I have observed and learned over this past month. I have observed at least four different bird types at my feeders that include:

  • Cardinals (both male & female)
  • Yellow American Goldfinch (both male & female)
  • Red House-Finch (male)
  • Black-Capped Chickadees

Since I’ve set up my bird bath, the cardinals, yellow finch, and chickadees have all taken advantage of it, as well as:

  • An American Robin (this one surprised me!)
  • Downy Woodpeckers (both male & female)

Although it’s typically the same four bird groups that come around, time continues and I discover more, like the woodpeckers. Really, I’ve only had my feeders a little over a month too, even though it feels longer. So I am sure I will see many more over the months! But anyway, apart from what I have seen, here is what I have learned so far.

  • The cardinals usually come as a pair, male and female together, and I think it’s the most adorable thing. If you see one anywhere, like in a tree, on the ground, etc, you know the other is closeby. They are always, always together. Also, I have literally watched the male pick up seed from my feeder and then feed it to the female. That melted my heart, it really did! What I have learned about cardinals though is that they are easily spooked and extremely skittish. Any sort of extra movement will scare them away, like even from inside the house! I’ve also learned that when they do come for seed, they don’t stay long, but maybe that’s because they are so skittish. However, the other day, my husband and I were sitting outside, only feet away from the feeder, and to my amazement, I saw the pair approach a nearby tree. They acted as if they wanted to come to the feeder, but then my husband whirled around (against my protest), and of course, they flew off. I was just impressed they were even considering it. I’m hoping they do someday while I am out there so I can get a good picture! The only pictures I can get are through a screened window. Therefor, terrible quality.
Hard to see here, but they are both there! Fun Fact: Cardinal birds typically mate for life!
See the male on top of the bird figure?
  • The yellow finches often come to my feeders in pairs as well. The males are a bright yellow while the females are a brownish yellow. Quick thought: Why is that? Why are male birds always bright and beautiful, while the females lack in color? Anyway, I really enjoy them, probably because they visit the most. They come numerous times a day and usually stay a while when they do. Also, they don’t get spooked all that easily. They will approach the feeder, even when I am outside, nearby, or in my car, which is also close. It’s kind of neat! Oh, and as for the red house-finch, I don’t know much about them yet! I’ve really only seen them a few times and I couldn’t tell you if it’s a male or female.
I do not have a picture of male & female together, but they come as a pair often.
  • The chickadees come often as well, but I am assuming I don’t have seed that suits their likings, because they don’t stay long, and I swear they take just a single seed each time. They do seem to like the bird bath though! Also, I don’t know the difference between male and female with these birds.
(Not my picture)
  • The newest visitors have been the robin and the male and female hairy woodpeckers. The robin showed up one hot afternoon, spent a good five minutes or so splashing around in the bath, and then disappeared. Everybody knows what a robin looks like, right? I won’t share a picture.
  • The woodpeckers have just been showing up these past few days. They are black and white and the male has a small red patch on its head. They seem to like the nearby tree and pop down for a quick drink. They’ve come a few days in a row now, a couple times a day, so we’ll see if they continue to come! I haven’t seen them today yet.
(Not my picture)

Well that’s that. That is all I have learned about my bird visitors. They come daily, which is a good sign. I keep my yellow feeder filled with thistle seed and my red feeder filled with a cardinal-based mix. As for my bird bath, I change the water almost daily because it’s so small and gets dirty fast. See below for my little setup.

My feeder is built so that it can easily be taken apart and added on to. 

End Note: This is why I love my feeders so much!! I was literally sitting at my kitchen table for about twenty minutes this morning, and saw three different bird types. First, a male cardinal popped into my bird bath for a drink (the female, always nearby like I said, sat atop the neighbors van), then a chickadee flew up, stole one seed from the red feeder, and last, two yellow finch at the yellow feeder! All in just twenty minutes or less.

Anyway, enough about birds! I promise I’m not no crazy bird lady now, I am just enjoying this latest obsession of mine. Eventually, I will quit talking about it. Not tire of it, but I’ll quit talking about it so much.

(If you don’t already, you should think about feeding the birds as well!) 

Ok. I’m Done. Thanks for reading everybody! Have a wonderful Thursday and an even more wonderful weekend.


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