Another Adventure

Hey Guys,

It’s been a while…again! Anyway, I’m sitting here now, contemplating our next adventure. The hubby and I are taking a short trip to see my sister and her family, and to celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary.

So let me tell you about our plan:

  • On Thursday morning, we are flying into Portland, Oregon. I’m so excited, I’ve never been to Oregon. We are actually just renting our car and then driving straight into Longview, Washington to see my sister. I don’t know the plans for the rest of the day, but I’m sure it’ll be filled with plenty of catching up!
  • Friday, we plan to venture back into Oregon to explore its beauty and its beaches. My sister always shares amazing photos of the most amazing places. I can’t wait to share mine!
  • Saturday morning, the hubby and I will say goodbye and move on to Seattle, Washington. We’ll check into our hotel and probably start off by going and exploring Pike Place Market. That evening, we’ll be attending the Minnesota Twins vs. Washington Mariners baseball game. We thought it ironic that the Twins would be in Seattle while we were in Washington, so we sort of HAD to buy tickets! Also, it’s on my hubby’s bucket list to go to as many baseball fields as he can.
  • Sunday, we have most of the day to explore before taking the red-eye flight back home! I’m not sure what we’ll do or where we’ll go, but the day is pretty much open.

So there you have it. This vacation will be short and sweet, maybe even a little too short. I’m excited though to see my sister and her family, and to visit two states in one trip! Like I already mentioned, I’ve never been to Oregon and it’s been many, many years since I’ve visited Seattle. In fact, I was just a kid when I last visited, so this will be really fun!

We’ll have my sister to guide us around in Portland, so we’re good there, but if any of you have been to Seattle, drop some ideas of what to do, where to visit, or where to eat in the comment section! We still need ideas for Sunday afternoon and evening.

Thanks for reading and have a happy Memorial Day weekend everybody!


  1. So excited to hear about your time in Oregon! In Seattle I’d recommend visiting the “MoPop” (Museum of pop culture). The view from Kerry Park is one of the best in the city too!
    The Chihuly gardens are also supposed to be really nice but it was closed when I visited.

    Enjoy the baseball too! I liked Safeco Field albeit have no other baseball stadiums to compare it to. If the Mariners are half as bad as when I visited it should be a comfortable win haha.

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