New Visitors

I had some visitors this morning! Oh, and I’m not talking about people, I am talking about birds. Remember last weeks post? Well, the birds finally came to my new feeder for the first time! As you might tell, I am quite elated about it.

This morning, I was up bright and early at 6:30am again (only because I had an early morning appointment). I was sitting at my kitchen table eyeing my feeder and brainstorming why I haven’t had birds yet. Knowing that we had heavy rains last night, I decided to go and change the feed. I assumed the birds didn’t care for sopping wet, week old feed. So I went and changed the seed. Upon doing so, some of the seeds sprinkled below on the ground and purposefully, I sprinkled a few on the top platform for a good visual for the birds.

Well, something I did worked! Because not only did the birds notice, the neighborhood pests appeared to have noticed as well. When I say pests, I mean the squirrels. First visitor to notice that food was nearby, was a rabbit that came sniffing around. That’s when a couple squirrels came by to give it a whirl as well. I’ve been wondering when the squirrels would start attempting to get to the feeder! I chuckled as I watched it try and climb up the shepherds hook, only to get stuck at the baffle (thank goodness for those).

Anyway, maybe it was the new feed, or the sprinkled visual on top, or the other visitors that brought it to their attention, but around 7:30, I got birds! Not one, but a few!

  • First up at the feeder was a black and white chickadee. It didn’t stay long, but came back a few times to check it out again.
  • Second up was a male cardinal, followed by a female. I just LOVE cardinals so you can imagine how excited I was to see that big, bright red bird on my feeder. They’re just beautiful!
  • There seemed to be another type bird in the tree nearby scoping it out but I didn’t see it take a chance at it. Maybe next time!
Can you spot the cardinal!?

They didn’t stick around, all but about five minutes, but I’m hoping it’s because it’s a new station and not because I don’t have good feed. I’ll keep an eye on it and change the feed if I don’t see them back in the next few days.

Nevertheless, I am just so happy that the birds have visited my feeder, therefore know that it’s there. They can be skittish, picky, and take time to get accustomed to new feeders, so I’ll be patient!

That’s it! Thanks for reading, and have a good Wednesday everybody. The sun is shining, and it looks like it just might turn out to be a beautiful day!

good day

Little Update: I got home around ten and found that the birds were back at the feeder. I think they just might be sticking around!

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