Vegas in a Nutshell

Home sweet home. We’re back! Ok, so we’ve been back for six days already, but being I’ve been preoccupied with life away from the computer, I haven’t gotten the chance to talk about my trip! So now here I am.

My short, but sweet trip to Las Vegas has come and gone. I’m back in Minnesota, back to work, and back to reality. We arrived home Monday morning at about 7:30am, a couple hours later than planned. Why? Well if you haven’t heard, Minnesota got slammed with a blizzard while we were gone so our flight was delayed, but just until two in the morning. Many, many flights were cancelled throughout the weekend and I’m just thankful it wasn’t ours. Check out my photos below of our snowy welcome home! MSP airport area got a whopping 15.7 inches!

But anyway, back to my trip. Vegas was fun! We arrived Thursday and to our hotel around 8:00pm. Being we were tired and hungry, we laid low, ate dinner, and got settled into our hotel room in the first couple hours. We ended the night over at my husband’s relatives who were eagerly awaiting our arrival. There was a lot of catching up to do!

Friday was a full, fun day. We woke up early and had breakfast with the clan (my husband’s relatives), then headed over to his uncles again. The weather was gorgeous! High sixties, sunshine, and not a cloud in the sky. Upon deciding what to do, we all drove to Red Rock Canyon to do some hiking and capture some photos. Later that evening, we did some grilling for dinner (YUM) and enjoyed a bonfire with some drinks. It was so fun to be able to sit outside around a campfire! It definitely made me eager for summer in Minnesota.


Saturday, we went back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the day after coffee and breakfast (we’d spent the night at his uncles, hence the drinks around the fire). Later, we went down to the strip, because well, you have to go at least once, right? We watched the Bellagio Fountains and then ate dinner across the street at Beer Park (I do recommend by the way). After spending a couple hours on the strip, we went back to the uncles house to hang out. That evening, we all went to Fremont Street and had a ball people watching. If you’ve been, you understand the sorts of people you see there. This was also the evening we chose to hit up a couple slot machines in the casino of our hotel before calling it a night. I mean, you’ve got to do it at least once! We won nothing…which is why we never gamble! I don’t know, people can spend lots and win lots easily, but I myself just can’t stomach losing more than twenty dollars.


Sunday was our last day. We slept in (exhausted from weekend activities) and checked out of our hotel at eleven. Not really having any expectations for events this day, we went and checked out the worlds biggest gift shop before heading back to his uncles. We spent the day outside at his uncles and enjoyed the eighty degree weather. We ate Mexican for lunch and grilled again for dinner. It was a perfect, relaxing end to our vacation. As I’m sure you can tell, we didn’t do a whole lot, but did enough. Our plans for this trip were to just spend time with the relatives, ones we only get to see once a year, if even. There is TONS to do if you staying on the strip! Definitely don’t judge your vacation from mine, because we spent most of our time outside the city, but DO know that there is LOTS to do in Vegas besides gambling! It’s definitely an awesome girls/guys/friends/couples type of trip.

Like I said earlier though, we took the red eye flight home that was supposed to depart at 11:59pm. Due to cancelled flights and icky weather, it departed closer to 2:30am.

Phew. Arriving home was quite the event! It was early and cold, and we were exhausted. I think I got maybe an hour of sleep, maybe a little more. We waited too long for our shuttle that eventually brought us to our parking facility, which is outdoors by the way. OH MY GOSH you guys, our car was buried in so much snow!!! We spent almost an hour trying to get out. Somebody eventually brought us a shovel and two men helped push being the wheels were stuck on ice. Check this out!

I must say, we weren’t exactly happy when we finally got on the road home. That was not our idea of a good morning, especially when you’re running off little sleep! Arriving to our house wasn’t much better. There was sooooo much snow, EVERYWHERE! We couldn’t even get inside our front door without walking knee-deep in snow and clearing a path for the screened door to swing open. Not only that, there was PLENTY of shoveling to do later! Oh, and my car that was left home was also buried under snow!

We did finally get sleep, and were well rested that evening. Life went on of course and now, it appears Spring has FINALLY arrived in Minnesota! Nothing but fifties and sixties ahead of us. I must say, that definitely puts a smile on my face. BRING ON THE WARMTH.

Well, that’s enough for now. I hope you enjoyed my post and pictures, and thanks for reading! Have a good night everybody.

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