Vegas Bound

Hello all,

I’m writing this from the air, en route to Las Vegas, Nevada. The hubby and I are going visit some of his family that live just outside the city. We aren’t really going to see any big attractions, to gamble, or anything because we’ve done all that before, but I’m sure we’ll still find some fun things to do! I’ve been to Vegas twice (once when I was 16 & once as an adult) and the hubby’s been a handful of times at least.

The weather should hopefully be phenomenal. Last time we visited, we came in July and let me tell you, it reached over 100 degrees, and IT WAS HOT! I remember going to the Hoover Dam and feeling like a furnace was blowing in my face because of the high winds. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be visiting Nevada in the summer again! Anyway, the weather temps today are in the seventies with high winds. Honestly though, anything above sixty (make that fifty) is going to make us happy. The weather in Minnesota has been so rotten and I’m literally sooo tired of it. It’s been cold, gray, rainy, and still snowy. We’re even expecting a big snow storm (YES, SNOW) this weekend so we’re leaving at the perfect time I guess! I’m literally smiling at the thought of getting out of that. Oh, but seriously guys, I can’t wait to step outside when we arrive. Sunshine and warmth is calling my name!

The plane ride from Minneapolis is about four hours long, not to bad, but long enough. We came prepared at least with music, books, snacks, and more. We’re nearing landing now, and I’m plenty ready to get off. I haven’t gotten up from my seat yet at all and I’m pretty sure my behind is going numb. We’ll be there soon enough!

Tell me though, have you been to Vegas? Do you have any suggestions on things we should see or do? List any favorite attractions, places to eat, coffee shops, and more!

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend everybody.


  1. I’ve not been yet, hope you had a fun trip though. Still trying to catch up on posts or I would have wished you a good trip before you left! Haha

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    • Well, thanks! It was a short, but fun trip! The weather was great, and we dodged a HUGE snowstorm that happened while we were away. It’s a great destination to visit, plenty to do and see, but also, in my opinion, a place you need to visit just once! We go often, only because my husband has relatives in the area that we like to see.

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      • That sounds great. I’ll definitely visit once but as you say I think it’s probably just a one time visit for me 🙂

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