A Change of Heart

So, I just wanted to say that I deleted my earlier post. I deleted it because after complaining about the gloomy, cold weather and my blah day, I realized that I really don’t have anything to complain about. So I was having an off morning. Big whoop. People are out there, in this world right now having real problems to worry about besides the weather.

Shortly after I published the post, I happened to keep coming across different quotes, sayings, and even videos on Facebook and other social media sites about being thankful for what we have and to start acting like it. Life isn’t always sunshine and roses, it’s going to have its ups and downs. Complaining about the downs can come easy, but what we need to remember is that life doesn’t start to change until we stop complaining. Our own happiness is entirely up to us and how we handle those off moments.

So yeah, I felt a little guilty and I deleted my post, because although I’m having an off day, things are pretty great right now. I won’t go on to tell you what’s so great about my life, but I will say that I have many things to be thankful for and that’s enough.

There are people out there who have it a LOT worse than I do, so I apologize for taking advantage of what I do have and for complaining about something so small.


If you are happening to have an off day like I was, just remember to count your blessings. Heck, make a list to visually see what and who you have to be thankful for right in this moment. Do what you need to do to eliminate your complaints and to recognize the values of your life.

Have a happy Friday everybody.

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