Essential Oils

In case you don’t remember or haven’t read my previous posts, I purchased my first Young Living starter kit of essential oils back in November. I haven’t talked about them since my ten-day, personal challenge back in December, so I figured I’d write a quick update on how I feel about them now, almost four months later. The challenge I had done for myself, was so that I could focus on one oil, one day at a time (ok, I shoved two oils into the last day, but still). Go ahead and check out my previous posts to see what I did each day! You should be able to find them in my December archives.

But moving on…

So like I said, it’s been almost four months since I received my kit. I may as well come out and say that I haven’t completely given up on them, but I’m still not fully invested. I love diffusing daily but I don’t apply topically every day, or sometimes even every other day. The main reason I don’t is because of how strong they are and I worry how others will react around me with them on. For example, I work in a fragrance-free hospital and although we do offer a few essential oils to patients, I don’t like to come in smelling too strong. I will only occasionally apply to my wrists an hour or two before going into work. Although, if something pops up like a headache, illness, or ache, I will apply as needed, I’m just not doing it daily.

Ok, I’m getting off track again. Let’s talk about the oils that I do and do not use from my premium starter kit.

What oils have gone untouched?

  • DiGize – This one I will not use because I cannot, and I mean, CANNOT handle it’s smell. It is super stinky! Plus, I sort of had a bad experience using it for the first time because of some poor advice. I’m quite hesitant to pull this one out, ever again.
  • Purification – Maybe I’ll start to use this one eventually because it really does have some great properties and uses, but right now, I don’t love the smell. To be honest though, I haven’t even sniffed it since December, so you know what, maybe I’ll give it another whirl this week.
  • Lavender – I have tried this one a few times, mostly because it has so many awesome uses, but I have to be honest again, Lavender has always been one of my most despised smells. Therefor, it’s hard for me to want to use! I’ve tried more than a couple times, but I just do NOT like it’s smell. I know they say you eventually get used to the smells and even start to like them, but Lavender is supposed to be calming and I’d be the complete opposite if I kept on smelling that all day.
  • R.C. – I really haven’t come up with any uses to use this one since December, but maybe I haven’t even thought about it. I kind of forgot about it actually. I’ll have to do more research on it.

What oils DO I use frequently?

  • Orange – I LOVE this one. It has an uplifting, refreshing scent and maybe it’s coincidence, but I swear it actually works by uplifting my mood! Just know though, this one was not part of my starter kit.
  • Lemon – Another yummy, refreshing scent that mixes great with other oils! I diffuse this one a lot.
  • Thieves – This one took a while to grow on me, but now I’m obsessed. It’s such a great oil for the immune system and can be used for sooo many different things. Personally, I love diffusing and applying to my feet. Just yesterday though, I purchased the Thieves household cleaner and am so excited to try it out!
  • Stress away – This one especially took some time for me to like but it grows on me every day. I like diffusing it for thirty to sixty minutes at a time and will occasionally apply to my wrists. I’d like to apply more, but it’s pretty strong, so I am hesitant with it some days. Like I said, I’m still growing accustomed to it!
  • Peppermint – This was actually the first oil I ever purchased, before my kit even, and I was obsessed right away! It’s so yummy and was immediately my favorite, but now competes with Thieves, of course. I like diffusing peppermint, often mixed with lemon, and guys, I LOVE applying a drop to my temples for headaches (it works SO fast and feels so good).

SOMETIMES I use these oils:

  • Frankincense – Another amazing oil, but also pretty stinky! If you look up this oil, you’ll see that it has amazing benefits, but with it’s stinky smell, I almost always end up wiping it off when applied topically. I do however, try to diffuse Frankincense every now and again with other oils.
  • Panaway – I love using this one for aches and pains but I just don’t have them that often. It works wonders when you do apply though! Also, the smell isn’t so bad either, sort of like bengay cream!
  • Copaiba – Typically, I only use copaiba when I want to enhance the effects of another oil, like panaway. It works well!

I want to add, that just because I do not use all the oils from my kit, I do not regret buying it at all! With purchasing the starter kit, you get 11 oils, two Ningxia red packets (which are totally amazing and delicious), a roller-ball cap, a diffuser, and more. Yes, it is somewhat costly, but with buying it, you get all those goodies, become a member, and can start using the member discount of 24% on future products! That discount is HUGE when it comes to purchasing other Young Living products. You definitely notice the difference.

I’m not trying to sound salesy here now, because I don’t sell (even though I could if I wanted to because I’m a member), but if you’re interested in finding out how to become a member yourself or want to learn more, let me know! I can definitely point you in the right direction.

One last thing: Just because I don’t love some of these oils doesn’t mean you won’t! I have an ultra sensitive nose and often dislike the oils people like. Each oil has awesome benefits, you (myself included) just have to give them a chance to find the ones you like.

Anyway, so there’s my update on what I’ve done with my premium starter kit from Young Living. Do you use essential oils? Leave a comment below telling me which single or blended oils you love and recommend! I’m looking forward to adding a few more to my shelf.

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