Oh, Hello Spring

Spring has sprung!

But wait, has it? Today, on the first day of spring is 31 degrees, cloudy, and snowing (yes, I said that right, SNOWING). I’d say it’s just another typical day in Minnesota…take a look for yourself!

Pretty gloomy feeling for Spring, right? We’re supposed to get about an inch or so. However, it is pretty warm out so I’m sure it’ll just melt right away. At least I sure hope it does! I am more than ready for Spring, I’ve been saying this for a while now. You’ve probably even read about it in my previous posts.

Anyway, being it IS technically the first day of Spring, let’s talk about why we love it here in Minnesota. Here are just a few reasons of why I do:

  • No more snow
  • Green grass
  • Tree’s start gaining their leaves back
  • Those pretty pink and purple trees that don’t seem to last very long
  • Warmer days
  • The birds come alive again (chirping)
  • Flowers/Gardens
  • Opening the windows & shutting off heat

See? There are plenty of reasons to love Spring! So for today, I’m just going to go ahead, look the other way, and pretend I don’t see the snow falling outside my window. We are so, so close to getting rid of Winter for good. Well, until next year.

Happy Spring everybody!

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