Let’s Talk Television

Every now and again, I like to binge a TV show and get caught up in the story of somebody else’s fictional life.

Do you need something new to watch? Here are a few shows that I indulge in still, and a few of my old favorites.

1. Greys Anatomy because DUH. It is only the best show ever created. I’m going to be honest, the memes are true, they really do die off your favorite characters, but somehow, fourteen seasons later, I’m still watching. They seriously know how to make EVERY SINGLE EPISODE amazing. Every episode gets you laughing, crying, swooning, sighing, yelling, or whatever. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that every episode gets you. Every one you guys!

2. Game of Thrones definitely competes with best show ever in my book (I’m not kidding). I’m actually stewing here because we have wait until 2019 for it to come back! They left us with that HUGE cliffhanger for this long?! How rude, right?!

3. Gotham is a show me and the hubby try to stay caught up on together. I have to say, it’s really good! There are some pretty crazy characters.

4. America’s Next Top Model is my one show that is so unlike everything else but I’m totally hooked. It’s about as much drama as I can handle though. I typically despise reality shows.

5. Vampire Diaries is over and I’ve seen all seasons. If you haven’t watched it, I do still recommend!! I kind of went through a vampire obsession phase, so I hopped right in on this one, but trust me, it is actually good.

6. Friends because who doesn’t love this one?! I’ve watched it from start to finish time and time again! It’ll never get old.

7. The Office is downright hilarious. This is another show that I’ll watch over and over again. Some people don’t like this show because it’s so differently filmed, but give it a few episodes at least. Michael Scott will not let you down!

8. Modern Family makes me happy. This is another great, light-hearted show to sit down and laugh to.

There are a LOT of good shows out there, but these are my favorites!

Tell me, what are your favorite TV shows?

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