The Best News

Hi everybody,

I thought I’d come on here and share with you, the exciting news I received over the weekend! A letter came in the mail Friday afternoon and seeing it immediately made me nervous. It was from one of the colleges that I applied to and I knew it was either an acceptance or denial letter. Knowing this, I brought it in the house, tore it open, and practically dropped to the floor in tears. Don’t worry though, they were happy tears!


Ok, well technically I was conditionally accepted because they’re making me retake Microbiology. They’re doing this due to an inequivalent transfer of the course from another college (UGH, right!? Micro was TOUGH). I don’t care though, because what matters, is that I WAS ACCEPTED!

I was so, so happy to receive this acceptance letter. Seriously, you have no idea. I had been stressing about it really bad. I was convinced that I wasn’t getting in because I hadn’t thought my TEAS score was high enough, and I really didn’t want to be let down. When I saw it in the mailbox, I didn’t really want to open the envelope, but it was that moment where although you didn’t want bad news, you just couldn’t bear another second longer of wondering and worrying. So I tore open that letter, and when I saw Congratulations, I let out a HUGE sigh of relief, felt this huge weight come off my chest, and nearly cried. I just felt soo happy in that moment.

I will be attending orientation in July and beginning my first semester of Nursing school in August of this year! I am beyond excited to begin this new journey and although I know it’s going to be very challenging, I am ready for this. I am going to put everything I can into my schooling so that I graduate and become the nurse that I want to be. My career path is finally starting!

I’m sure you will be reading plenty more about this later on, but for now, tell me, what is your career of choice? Are you still pursuing it, or have you already started it? I love hearing what people do!


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