My Rock

I want to do a shout-out to my wonderful husband, my rock in life.

This man is amazing. He is everything I am not and I love him for that. That is why he is my rock. He is the one who cheers me up when I am sad, the one who brings me down a notch when I am bubbling with anger, the one who calms me when I am nervous, the one who steadies me when I get in a tizzy, and the one who laughs with me when I am happy.

These past couple days have reminded me how amazing he is. The other night, I called my husband on my way home from work and I was practically in tears, panicking because something was seriously wrong with my car. All I could think about was my car breaking down, being stranded, and having a huge car expense to deal with. He talked with me the entire way home, and did his best to help me remain calm. I made it home, but I was in a bad mood. The hubby did what he does best and made me come to the realization that there wasn’t a need to be so upset until we knew what was wrong with the car. We proceeded to come up with a plan for the next day and I felt much better and relaxed. He brought me back to smiles and laughs and we waited until morning to deal with the car.

Today, I got the dreaded news that my car expenses were $400+ and again, I got in a tizzy and called my husband. He was quick to decide that we’d just pay the expense and the extra one they wanted to add because it had to be done. He immediately brought my stress level down so that I could come to my senses and realize that although this sucks, it’s one of those expenses that pop up in life and just need to be taken care of. Eventually, I was able to just be happy about getting my car back soon.

At work, I then received a call from the shop explaining that after a test drive, a new problem occurred and such. I was practically in tears because I was so mad. I was boiling with the fact that it was not test driven right away because now they wouldn’t believe me when I said that had to be a new problem because it wasn’t happening before bringing it in, and all I could imagine was having yet another few hundred dollars on top of the first expense. Anyway, after talking back and fourth with my hubby, he again, calmed me, and brought me down to a sensible level. I was likely overreacting and it was best to  keep calm until we knew what the new problem was. We’ll hope for the best.

I’d like to say, that certain quirks like my short fuse are my worst qualities and that is why I am so thankful that my husband is the complete opposite of me. He balances me out  with his calm mannerisms and always knows how to handle an unnecessary outburst like this one. We all have our moments, and this weekend, I had my fair share of them. When we have these moments, it’s just nice to have somebody on our side, somebody to guide us through them. For me, it’s him, my husband, my rock, my love.

So yeah, I just wanted to say how thankful I am for him and how truly blessed I feel to be his wife.

Tell me, who in your life do you consider your rock, the person who supports you and guides you through your tough moments?

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