Random Facts About Me

Hi Guys!

I was thinking, and I realized most of you probably don’t know the person behind this blog. Yes, you can read my profile to get a short summary on who I am, or my previous posts to get a deeper look into my interests, opinions, and dreams, but I wanted to share a little more with you! At first, I was hesitant posting this because I thought nobody would care to read random facts about me, just another random blogger, but then I realized that I, myself, enjoy reading quirks about other people! It can be fun seeing if you relate.

So with all that being said, I created a fun, short post, with twenty-five, totally random facts about me, the author of My 20-Something Life. Enjoy!


  1. I am the youngest of nine children. Whoa, right? I adore my large family though!
  2. I despise pickles
  3. I am almost, if not fully, 100% Finnish (I don’t speak the language, nor does my immediate family, but I’d love to learn some day!)
  4. I lived in Arizona for about 7 months in 2011
  5. I am Starbucks obsessed
  6. I rarely wear make-up, mostly because I’m just too lazy to put it on every day, and I just don’t care enough about it!
  7. I wear contacts and without them, I am blind as a bat.
  8. I don’t dance. Wait, no, I CAN’T dance.
  9. I’ll choose salty snacks over sweets
  10. I get embarrassed easily…like red-in-the-face embarrassed
  11. I am a nervous nelly when it comes to most things such as roller-blading, kayaking, skiing, tubing, etc.
  12. I am a Grey’s Anatomy addict
  13. I was born on Thanksgiving day (I now get Thanksgiving birthdays about every six years)
  14. If I could move to another state, it’d be California
  15. I am an aunt to 36 lovely nieces and nephews
  16. I still hate going to the dentist
  17. My husbands name is Will
  18. It’s my dream to go on an African Safari some day
  19. I don’t have a favorite color, it changes all the time
  20. I am queen of procrastination!
  21. I go through a lot of obsessions, my latest being plants
  22. I still love going to the zoo
  23. I dyed my hair red once…It lasted a month. I am a natural blonde and haven’t colored it since 2012!
  24. I believe in ghosts
  25. I’m the quiet person in every group. I love talking when talked TO, but I probably won’t be the one to initiate conversation

There you go, twenty-five facts about the girl behind the blog. Thanks for reading!

Did you find you have anything in common with me? Do share!


  1. I suppose with 8 siblings it shouldn’t be a surprise you have 36 nieces and nephews but wow! Your family is huge! Haha.
    I grew up living with my grandmother who was Finnish so it’s always been a country I’ve had a fascination with. I’d like to learn some of the language too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • I bet!

        Yeah, she was born and grew up there so spoke it fluently and she’d often call her brothers back in Finland so I’d hear her speak it occasionally. It’s supposed to be a tough language to learn though.

        Liked by 1 person

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