An A+ Week

Hey guys,

So last weekend we got dumped on with almost a foot of snow! It was crazy, and not a fun drive home from work by the way. That very next day however, it began melting, and guess what, I am NOT complaining. I admit, it was fun seeing all that fluffy, white snow, but I am so ready for Spring and warmer days.

Yesterday and today have been absolutely gorgeous! As I ran my errands yesterday, I had the car windows rolled down and actually felt too hot in my winter coat. I noticed that the runners were running in shorts, in February! It was comical, but Minnesotans are funny this way. Forties in the Spring causes us to dress like it’s Summer, but then forties in the Fall cause us to bundle up. It’s interesting how the same temps feel different depending on the season. Anyway, it was just fun to see so many people enjoying the weather outside. Winters feel long and get old fast!

Today, we reached 47 degrees and let me tell you, it feels fabulous. The sun has been shining all day, the snow is melting, and the spirits are lifting. I went outside for a short period to get some vitamin D and some fresh air. Honestly, this weather makes me want to open house windows to let in some of that fresh air. I can’t wait to shut off the heat and open up windows. That’s one of my favorite things about Spring. As for the snow melting, it is sort of creating some serious rivers here. Our back sidewalk had to have like a couple inches of water gathering in between the snow banks before we swept it away. It’s also going to be a wet week! Oh well, I don’t mind. I’m enjoying this weather too much to care.

Sunshine and warmth is such a good way to lift the spirit. I mean, I literally smile every time I step outside. There is just something so refreshing and uplifting about it. Like the sayings go, sunshine really is the best medicine! Need to boost the mood? Step outside and go for a walk or sit in the sun for a bit! It really does help.

This ENTIRE weeks forecast is filled with high thirties and forties. Hence the title of my post here, it’s going to be an A++++++ week, and I plan on enjoying every minute of it! I am secretly hoping that this means that winter is behind us, but let’s get real, this is Minnesota, anything could happen. Our weather is pretty unpredictable at most times! I don’t care however, because I am enjoying this weather one day at at time. I am determined to remain positive and happy all week.

Tell me, what does your weather forecast look like this week?

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