Sunday Mornings

I think Sunday’s are my favorite mornings, mainly because my husband is almost always home with me. We have opposite work schedules with him working mornings and me, evenings, so sometimes it feels like we hardly ever spend time together. He never works Sunday’s however, so we always get this morning to spend together.

Sunday’s usually consist of my husband making breakfast for us and allowing me to sleep in a little longer (he’s the early riser). This morning, he made us fluffy, wheat-flour pancakes. So good by the way! Anyway, as I sat at the table and ate breakfast with him, I couldn’t help but smile and feel my heart swell. It’s a rare occasion that we get to eat breakfast together, but I love when we do.

We brought our tea (his) and coffee (mine) to the couch and just sat and talked. After a while of feeling like we’d been sitting too long and didn’t want to be lazy, we decided to get up and do a workout video together. We rarely do them together and so it was quite comical, we spent most of the time laughing because he wouldn’t stop commenting on the people in the video. We got through the whole thing though!

After the workout, we threw in some laundry and did some household chores! I’d say we had a pretty successful morning, and a fun one too. Come noon, I made my iced coffee, put some oils in the diffuser, and sat back down to blog before work this afternoon. The hubby put some music going, grabbed his iPad, and sat down with me and a Chai tea to relax for a while.

So yes, Sunday mornings are my favorite, because it’s valuable time spent with the hubby. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Tell me, what are your Sunday morning routines?

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