My Perfect Saturday

Today I felt like writing a light hearted blog simply because I’m in that sort of mood. It’s my weekend off and I absolutely love my free weekends. Today has so far been the perfect example why.

My morning consisted of good breakfast (seriously good, guys) and good company with two friends, one I hadn’t seen in over a year! I love time spent in the company of friends or family, especially over good food and coffee. As we sat in the cafe, I could see the snow that had been falling outside all morning and it left me feeling happy and content. My anxiety for driving the forty minutes in it was surprisingly low. I often get anxious driving far distances on snowy roads, but I wasn’t. Anyway, we spent a couple hours in that cafe, just visiting and catching up. It was so much fun and definitely overdue!

Once back home in the city, I swung through my favorite and local Starbucks, because coffee, duh. I found that it was renovated and much more cozy appearing inside. It’ll be much more inviting to hang out at now if needed. I grabbed some coffee pods for my Verismo system and ordered my usual vanilla latte, iced. Yes, even though it’s fifteen degrees and snowing outside, I chose an iced coffee. Like I’ve said before, iced coffees all year round!

Anyway, I’m home now and waiting for the hubby to get home from work. I feel happy, I really do. That’s why I suddenly got in the mood to bust out a light hearted blog post. I’m sitting here on my couch and am overjoyed as I watch the snow fall outside my window. If you don’t know me, I love a snow day in. It’s just so pretty and cozy feeling. Why I love them on my days off, are because you don’t have to go anywhere and it’s much more fun to willingly go outside in the snow versus being forced to go outside because you have somewhere to be, such as work. Besides watching the snow fall and sipping on my iced latte, I have my favorite espresso candle lit and Ed Sheeran playing on vinyl. Yummy smells and good music are just more fuel for the soul. Ed Sheeran though! Are you a fan? I love, love his voice! He’s coming back to Minnesota next October and I really hope to go to his concert because I missed him the last time.


So yeah. This is just what I needed today. I’m not sure what’s in store for the evening, but I bet it’ll be good. The hubby and I are considering venturing out into Minneapolis and joining in on the Super Bowl festivities. If you didn’t know, the Super Bowl is being hosted as US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis tomorrow. We’ll see, it’s probably pretty crazy right about now, especially with the snow. I mean, I think I heard that we were expecting around a million extra visitors for this? Does that sound right or am I way off? Anyway, we haven’t gone downtown to check any events out yet, so we may tonight! Either way, I’m looking forward to an evening off with the hubby.

Tell me, what is your idea of a perfect Saturday?


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