Stress Much?

Yesterday wasn’t necessarily a stressful day but I came across an article on social media that asked how we cope with stress. I’m going to be honest with you here, I am a bit of stressball. Due to being that constant ball of stress, I’ve come up with a few ways to relieve stress that I thought I’d share with you. There may be other ways to cope depending on what I am stressing about, but these are a few of my favorite mechanisms that I find useful for the common, daily stressors.

1) Shopping. This is my number one way to relieve stress. There is something very therapeutic about going browse your favorite stores and picking something new out for yourself. I often find myself at Target (big surprise, huh?).

2) Music. I think a lot of people can agree that music is a good stress reliever. Grab your phone, a CD, the radio, whatever, and get lost in your favorite tunes. You’ll be relaxed in no time. For me personally, I usually turn on that favorite country music radio station or find the good ol’ oldies that bring back memories from my high school days. Good music and good memories creates a happy mind.

3) Drinks. For me, a yummy iced coffee might do the trick. I love all coffee but I am an iced coffee fanatic. I’ll drink it year round and it cheers me right up. I mean seriously, it’s happiness in a cup. Even better, grab an iced coffee inside your favorite store, aka Target. Tada! Two stress relievers in one trip. However, if it’s evening time and I want to unwind from a long day, I may be pouring myself a glass of wine or mixing myself an adult beverage.

4) Silence helps. I with the noisy brain, easily gets wound up from loud noises and endless commotion. A day full of activities mentally fatigues me as it is, so you can imagine if I’m not enjoying those activities and feeling stressed about them. All I typically need during these times is complete silence. I will just put myself into a quiet space where I don’t have to talk, think, or do anything. Very relaxing.

5) Netflix or a good book. This occasionally helps too. I have found that watching your favorite show, binging on a new one, or putting your nose in a book can help distract you from your stresses. If they’re minor, you may forget them altogether. In the very least, these will take your mind off of them for a little while and after you have relaxed, you’ll have a clearer mind. Then, you can think about why you were stressing in the first place and maybe you’ll come realize that you hadn’t need to be in the first place.

So I have shared with you MY favorite ways to cope with stress. Now it’s your turn. Tell me, what are your favorite ways to relieve stress?

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