Why do you blog?

I came across this question today and it made me think about the reasons why I created my site. As I sat and contemplated, I decided to answer this by publishing a new post.

The reason I created a blog was so that I could have a place to share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences with others. I basically took my journaling habits, replaced them with something more visual and fun, and put them into an online space. Personally, I would never share a journal, but this, this is different. This is a place to openly, fearlessly, and boldly share my story.

I’m not big on verbal, face-to-face, and public confrontation, so creating a space to interact with other individuals online was the perfect idea. Here, I can share with friends and interact with people from all over the world and I just think it’s so awesome being able to interact and find common interests with fellow bloggers from afar. I really didn’t know what to expect from blogging in the beginning, but with gaining the small amount of followers (28 to be exact) that I have, and not even knowing most of them, has boosted my self confidence big time. On an average day, I am a quiet, reserved human being who can’t always speak her mind, so putting my words into writing and then sharing was a pretty bold move for me! Now, thanks to you guys, I am more confident and eager to keep publishing writings.

I don’t mind that I don’t have many readers, because I am mostly doing this for myself. Yes, I’d like to inspire others and to interact more, but if I don’t, that’s ok too. It is more about the act itself of getting my words out there. If you are reading this however, I thank you much! I thank you for taking the time to read my words and for boosting my self confidence by doing so.

Well that’s it! That is why I blog. Tell me, why do YOU blog?

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  1. I feel like I could have written this as it sums up my thoughts exactly haha. It’s great being able to express yourself online, regardless of how many people are reading along 🙂

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