A strong desire to travel.

It’s a real thing guys and the struggle is real! It’s been about eight months since the hubby and/or I have traveled anywhere. Growing up, my mother worked as a travel agent, so I traveled lots due to her awesome privileges. To be honest, I felt quite spoiled for traveling more than once a year for the first 18 years of my life. Maybe that isn’t much to some, but it was more than most of my friends and classmates. So, due to my mom’s benefits, I have traveled to and stayed in at least 15 different states. A few of them like California and Florida have been visited multiple times. I personally do not count states that I have driven through. For my personal bucket list, I need to have spent at least one night to say I traveled there.

Anyway, back to my itch. I literally cannot stop thinking about going somewhere! I want a vacation soooo badly. It isn’t even just about getting away, it’s about visiting someplace new and seeing new things. There is something so refreshing about traveling. It literally soothes the soul and lifts the spirit. The hubby and I do actually have a trip to Las Vegas planned for April, which I am super excited about, but it is just not curing my itch. Las Vegas will be a trip to go see relatives of my husband’s we haven’t seen in a while and to get out of Minnesota, but apart from being excited to see them, we’ve been there more than once. So, it just still isn’t curing my itch to travel and see someplace new! WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THIS ITCH!?

Places that I have been wanting to visit next the most are New York, Hawaii, California (always), Oregon, and somewhere on the East coast. I have been to New York twice, but not as an adult, and I have been itching to go back for a few years now! I love big cities and I love New York. I was fortunate enough to visit Hawaii when I was about 15. I fell in love then, so I can just imagine how I would feel now. With that being said, YES, I want to go back. California is another one that I have been to many times. It is my absolute favorite. If I moved anywhere, it’d be there. Traveling to California will never get old. Although I’d like to revisit some states, someplace new needs to scratched off my list. Sigh. Anywhere really, would be nice!

Anyway, so it’s on my bucket list to scratch off all 50 states from my list of places I’ve been! I’ve got 35 more to go. I’m hoping to scratch off at least one more this year. Since we’re on this topic of travel, I may as well tell you the countries that I have been dreaming of visiting too. I’ve only been to Canada and Mexico (which is slightly upsetting) but dream of visiting Australia, Africa, and Europe. I want to witness the gorgeousness of Australia, ride along on a real African safari, and tour the land of Europe. Maybe some day!

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully, I can cure my itch sooner than later. Enough about me, tell me, where are your favorite places to visit?


  1. Curse that dreaded wanderlust! I hope you can get a trip booked soon! NYC is a fun place to visit and DC is another good option on the East coast. Hopefully you’ll make it to Europe some day as there’s plenty to see here! 🙂

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      • There’s plenty to see in your country so I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Still loads over there that I want to see!

        I’m sure you’ll get to Europe too! 🙂

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