Read More, Watch Less

As a child and a teenager, I absolutely loved reading books. Maybe it was because I didn’t grow up with TV, or maybe it was because I was such a dreamer with a big imagination. Either way, I’d get my nose stuck in a book for hours and hours on end. I am that type of person that just cannot put a book down until it’s finished. That is, if I like it of course. On the other hand, if I am not captivated by a book’s first few chapters, I put it away and start a new one.

Anyway, at some point in my early adulthood, I quit reading books and instead, started binging tv shows. I think it began when I got cable for the first time at age 20 and became a student. I had quit reading books for pleasure because I felt that if I had time to read anything, it should be my text books. I do still feel that way but yet somehow, I still make time for Netflix and cable. That’s kind of what happened then. I’d either study or watch something. Every now and then, I’d open a book, but I just never finished any of them. Instead, I’d geek out in front of a screen for hours. Who knows how many tv shows I’ve seen by now! I won’t lie, I do still enjoy a good show. Greys Anatomy? Yes, please! BUT, I personally think I spend too much time behind a screen and I’ve been wanting to change that. Also, I miss quality time spent with a good book! Not on a kindle, my phone, or a laptop, but a good old fashioned book.

So yeah, I made another New Years resolution for 2018. Read more, watch less. I mean, come on, binging tv shows isn’t exactly the healthiest way to spend all your free time anyway. With that being said, I started my first book of the year: All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood. Seriously guys, there is nothing like settling down and sticking your nose into a book and getting lost in the story. It’s so familiar and so missed! Although, I have to say, old habits are hard to lose. I’ve been attached to this book for the past couple days and not wanting to put it down! When I do, I find myself thinking about it and even now, can’t wait to get back to it! I forgot it at home today and was quite disappointed on my break at work. I think though, that I am just that sort of person who either binge watches shows or reads books through until finished. There is no happy medium for this gal. Anyway, let’s just say that I am thoroughly enjoying this new resolution! I am already looking forward to the next book.

What about you? Are you a bookworm or a TV addict? Do you have any good book recommendations? Tell me what you are currently reading! Maybe it’ll be my next read.

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