New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year!!

It’s 2018 which means it is a new year to make new resolutions. The past is behind us and I am not looking back. I had a good year last year but I did not accomplish my top goals. But hey! A new year means a new start, right? This year, I basically have three main resolutions that I want to accomplish. So, just in case you’re reading and you’re curious… they are!

  1. GET HEALTHY. Ok, I know this is almost everybody’s number one resolution every year and probably the most empty of promises for many. I for one, say this every year (at least I admit it). Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. However, these last couple years haven’t been very successful. When I quit smoking two and a half years ago, I gained quite a bit of weight and I STILL haven’t lost it. I’ve run out of excuses and am quite annoyed at myself that it has been this long. All I’ve done is continue to complain about it without actually making any effort. Therefore, I am really pressing this year to lose that weight and then some. I want to feel healthy and look healthy. I want to be comfortable in my own skin. Truthfully, I’ve always had self image struggles so now, at my highest weight, I am really struggling with confidence and not entirely happy with myself health wise. SO, the health kick starts today. Wish me luck and send motivation!
  2. ACE my TEAS exam so that I can apply and get accepted into a Nursing program! I am currently done with all my pre-requisites for Nursing and so now I wait. It’s so stressful because I want it SOOOOO badly but I am really bad at studying for these type of exams. I know for a fact that I will graduate once I am in the program. I am actually a super fast hands on learner and know that I will do well in clinicals. As for the nursing lectures, I’ll get by if I study hard. I am smart, but not book smart. Does that make sense? It basically means that I have to study three times as hard as everyone else. Anybody else out there like me? Also, this does not mean that I will not make a good nurse, because I know that I will make a GREAT one! I just struggle with the books and exams. Anyway, I will not be sharing when the test is but if and when I get accepted, that I will share!
  3. Creating a better savings with the hubby so that we can have a down payment for buying a home. We are renters and it’s getting sooooooo old. I am so over it and cannot wait to buy and move into our own house! We live in a duplex now which isn’t so bad, I just want a place of our own. Our own privacy, our own yard, a place to do what we please with. I dream of decorating, painting, landscaping, etc. It sounds so fun. Oh well…some day! Hopefully sooner than later.

So that’s it! Those are my big new year resolutions. They’re reasonable, I think. Do you have similar resolutions? Different resolutions? Share with me your resolutions and your motivation! Here is some motivation somebody else shared with me today. It’s totally goal worthy.


Thanks for reading!

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