Frankincense Essential Oil

Day Nine: Frankincense

As the king of all oils, Frankincense comes with amazing benefits. It is most often used for skin health, immune support, and emotional support as it is healing, supporting, and uplifting. You can apply topically without diluting, diffuse aromatically, or take internally.

Applying topically to your forehead, temples, and wrists will help reduce headaches and/or stress. You can also apply directly to your spine for back pain, aching joints, and inflammation. Keep in mind, it can be good to apply just for general immune support! Diffusing Frankincense is often used to help uplift moods when battling depression, anxiety, and stress. There are so many good uses!

As Frankincense is often used for skin health, I applied right to my neck and face this morning. Phew! This is another stinky one. I was a little disappointed because I’ve heard of it’s amazing benefits but I ended up showering a couple hours later because I wasn’t in the mood to continue smelling it from my neck. I was planning on regularly using it for healthier looking skin. I think next time I will try blend it will Copaiba or Lemon for a fresher scent.

I’m telling you guys, this is supposed to be a miracle oil! So if the scent doesn’t bother you, USE IT!

What have you heard about Frankincense?


(P.S., I only have two more days of my oily challenge left. I will be going back to writing about random stuff, something other than oils!)

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