Purification Essential Oil

Day Eight: Purification

This is a good oil to use for purifying and cleansing your home environment! It will eliminate odors and create a fresher living space.

This morning, I got the diffuser rolling with 2 drops lemon + 1 drop purification in both the living room and bedroom for 30 minutes each. I also placed 2-3 drops on cotton balls and stuck in a couple of my closets. I live in an older house so the closets have that musty, old smell. Hopefully the cotton balls freshen them right up! This is just what I did, there are many other ways to freshen up your home.

You could place cotton balls in stinky work boots, smelly trash cans, or just diffuse in a room that needs cleansing. You can also add a couple drops to your washing machine or to a damp cloth going into your dryer!

Purification DOES have a few other uses as well. It is also good for cuts, scrapes, and bug bites such as bee stings. I can’t wait to use it on my hubby in the summer. He always gets stung in the hands at work, so this will be a good one to keep on hand for him!

Do you know of any other uses for Purification? If so, throw them at me!

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