Panaway Essential Oil

Day Six: Panaway

I am a day late on posting yesterday’s challenge. I had it saved in my drafts but with a busy day at home and work, my mind was preoccupied! Today I will be publishing two posts.

Anyway, back to Panaway. If you’re an athlete or like to workout often, Panaway is a good oil to have on hand. It’s great for applying to sore muscles after a strenuous workout. You could add Copaiba on top of that to enhance it’s ability to work.

Sore muscles isn’t all Panaway is good for. It’s good for bruising and inflammation, headaches, arthritis, and sciatic pains. You can apply topically or aromatically from your diffuser. Another way to apply is diluted and on the outside of the cheek for a toothache, near the desired tooth.

Today, I didn’t have much use for Panaway but I will be sure to use next time I go to the gym, back pain, or bruising that shows up! What do you like most about Panaway?

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