Thieves Essential Oil

Day Four: Thieves

This one is an immunity booster! It’s good for protecting you from colds, viruses, the flu, and more. This morning, the hubby and I were heading out to a christmas party and obviously, in large gatherings, you are at greater risk for catching germs. So if you didn’t catch it in the picture, I rubbed thieves and fractioned coconut oil onto the bottom of mine and my hubby’s feet (hence the man feet pictured above).

This is a good oil to apply daily, especially during the winter season. Everybody gets sick this time of year! I’ve been told from people that this is the one they turn to when they get sick because it helps them recover quickly. Also, it supposedly cures sore throats super fast which I can’t wait to test out for myself. Whenever I am sick, I get a killer sore throat that goes along with it and I HATE THEM. SO, if thieves truly works as well as people say, I’m going to hold onto this one for a long time.

Thieves has many, many uses that benefit a person. You can apply topically, diffuse aromatically, or take internally in a veggie capsule. People also use thieves for cleaning because it’s so great at fighting bacteria.

Seriously. This is a really good oil to invest in if you’re buying them individually. It doesn’t smell too bad either!

If you’re an oiler, what do you like most about thieves?

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