DiGize Essential Oil

Day Three: DiGize

The name alone says enough to explain what it helps. DiGize helps the digestive system.

This is a STINKY one you guys! However, they say the oils you find smell the worst are often the ones you need the most. If this is true, it actually wouldn’t surprise me that I would need this one the most. I often suffer from heart burn, acid reflux, and occasional tummy troubles.

I’m going to be honest here. I was NOT in the mood to deal with the stink of DiGize today so I made this tummy roller blend with peppermint to use later! A good way to apply is to rub clockwise, on your stomach, around your navel. Make a decently wide circle.

If you’re brave, you could also put one drop under your tongue or in your water to help with digestive health!

What do you DiGize for?

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