Copaiba Essential Oil 🌱

Day Two: Copaiba

Often, Copaiba is used to soothe body discomforts, amplify other oils, help promote healthy skin, and for teething babies. Well, as I have neither pains nor babies, I chose to start today’s challenge by applying it to my skin!

I am, unfortunately, not blessed with beautiful skin. I have acne (yes, as an adult), stress bumps, other blemishes, and mild rosacea. So anyway, after washing my face this morning, I took a damp cotton-ball and added 2 drops of oil onto it. I then applied the cotton ball directly to my blemishes.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t to bad!! It created an earthy, woodsy smell that didn’t bother me. To be honest, I think it’s too soon to tell you if it helped at all. I personally think that I would have to apply for about a week to see improvements. I’ll reapply before bed tonight at least.

Truthfully, I am at a loss as to what else to do with Copaiba. Do you use this oil for any other uses? I’d love to know more.


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