I wear scrubs, what’s your superpower?

Scrubs. You know, clothes that nurses wear. Before you assume, know that I am not yet a nurse. I am a nursing assistant and a student, but not yet in the nursing program. I am currently finishing up my last pre-requisites.

Let me start off by telling you this. Nursing is not for everybody. You have to be a certain of type of person to be nurse. People don’t just choose nursing because of the money. You truly need to have the heart and compassion of a caregiver. You need to want to help other people. ALL people. All ages, genders, and ethnicities. Nursing can be physically and mentally demanding. As a nursing assistant, I have been yelled at, cursed at, scratched, punched, and spat on. I have gone home many nights with sore feet and an aching back. Some nights, I have wanted to quit. Our help is not always appreciated and it is sometimes taken for granted, but we do it anyway. As I tell you this, know that it is not always like this. I’ve had shifts where I have been thanked again and again for my help. I have been praised and acknowledged. I have contributed to the healing process of another human being. I have laughed with and joked with patients. I have listened to so many different and interesting life stories. Most importantly, I have gone home many nights with a smile on my face and my heart full. These are the nights that remind me why I love nursing. There are good nights and there are bad nights (I say nights because I am and always have worked the evening shifts). As a nurse, you also need to know that during your career, you will experience death. During my 9 years of working in this field, I have witnessed many deaths. I have held the hands of somebody taking their last breaths. I have comforted the loved ones of the deceased. We care for people before, during, and after life. Nursing isn’t just about saving lives. We are not always so lucky. People do die, sometimes expected, and sometimes unexpected.

Over the years I have truly met some memorable people that have touched my heart. I have worked in long term care, memory care, assisted living, and as of now, a hospital. I loved working with the elderly, and I still do. I just needed a change and I don’t regret my change. I have learned so many more skills. What I do regret is not going for my nursing degree sooner. Working in a hospital was the change that I needed to confirm that nursing is the career I am meant to be in. I am currently a nursing assistant in the Float unit, so I work on almost every floor and I love it! I get to see a little bit of everything and it gives me ideas of where I want to be once I earn that nursing degree. As of now, I want to work in intensive care when I graduate as an RN, specifically the trauma ICU. Down the road, I also see myself working in hospice. For those of you that don’t know. Hospice is end of life care.

Scrubs. I am proud to wear them and do what I do. It can be both physically and mentally challenging, but it can be very rewarding. There is something satisfying in seeing the recovery process of somebody’s health and knowing that you contributed to it.  As a nursing assistant, I do not administer medications, but I do help with their wellbeing in many other ways. I am not afraid to say that I am good at what I do and I enjoy doing it. Caring for others with compassion and empathy is my superpower.

What’s yours?



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