Pray for Vegas 

As many of you probably already know, there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night that occurred during a country music concert. As of the last article I read, there was a recorded number of 59 people dead and 527 injured. 527.

How awful of a human being must you be to do something like that? What turned his heart black and his soul evil? Evil enough to kill another human being. A living, breathing, being. Many, living beings. All those people had no idea that when they entered that festival, the night would end in pure horror. Nobody ever imagines that they will find themselves in the middle of a massacre. These things are not supposed to happen and music festivals are supposed to be a safe place. They’re supposed to be a place to go where you can lose your worries and forget your stresses. A place to get lost in the music, the dancing, and the crowd. People at music festivals are happy. One man took all that away when he opened fire, killing many and hurting more. I cannot begin to fathom how that must have felt when they heard those first gunshots ring out, when they saw the first people fall. The pictures are enough to raise goosebumps and bring tears. It’s like a horror scene from a movie. Only it wasn’t, it was real life. Why is there so much hate in this world? What can we do to stop it? There seems to be more and more of it. Every day, I see something hateful and sad on the news. We need more love and compassion. I wish it wasn’t so hard. We shouldn’t be scared to live. We (Americans) live in a country with so many freedoms and so many possibilities. Don’t take advantage of them. Be kind, compassionate, and most importantly, be GOOD. Let’s make this world a better place. One step at a time.

As you sit here and think about the lost and the injured in Vegas, pray for them. Pray for the families who are planning funerals for their loved ones. Pray for the injured to heal. Pray for the survivors who weren’t physically hurt, but likely will never forget and are scarred for life. Pray for the world. Just pray. Open your minds and your hearts to God, our one true savior. He can help, but only if we let him.


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