Be Happy. Be True. Be Lovely. Be You.

Be Happy.

What does it take for one person to be happy? I suppose it is different for everybody. Being happy can be simple or complex, it’s entirely up to you. For me, today, I found happiness by waking up this morning without an alarm, feeling refreshed from a long, deep nights sleep. A cup of coffee was another great start to my happy day. I think being happy is about staying positive and finding it in the little things in life. Don’t search for it in something new or something better, but look for it in what you have. Find what brings you joy and what makes you feel contentment. Realize what you are fortunate for. Find your blessings and thank God. Realize that happiness can be simple.

Be True.

Do this by not lying to yourself and others. Understand your feelings, your desires, and your values. When you do understand, follow them. Don’t live your life trying to please someone else, but do it for you. Don’t care about what people think. People are always going to be judgmental. YOU are what matters. If we all just worried about ourselves and not about what other’s think or what they are doing, this world could be a happier place. When you find what you want, express it. Be courageous and follow your dreams!

Be Lovely.

This doesn’t mean to dress pretty and do your hair. Be lovely on the inside. Have a kind heart and smile often. Don’t be that person you see on the news. There should be no place in this world for violence and hatred. Help others with pure intentions and be empathetic. Do something because you want to, not because you have to, and expect nothing in return. Be patient and polite. Everybody lives life in such a hurry, do you realize that? Everywhere we go, somebody is in a hurry to get somewhere. We rush to do things like, going to college, getting married, and having children. Slow down and enjoy life. We only live once, I think we forget that. Don’t judge others but maybe judge yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like that person? Is that person kind and genuine? Would you want your children to be just like you? Readjust yourself if you have to and do what needs to be done. A lovely person loves themself before they can love others.

Be You.

These two words are all too important. Being who you are can be a struggle for some. It is easy to do things for society and for others because it’s what they want to see or it is in the norm. I myself have put on false emotions and acted like someone I am not around certain types of people. I think it is so important that we always show our true self. Be the person you want to be. Be the REAL you. If somebody else does not like the real you, then let them go. Those people shouldn’t belong in your life. Accept that not everybody will love you for who you are. There are too many people in this world for us to all like each other. It would be nice, but it’s unrealistic. Do what you love and don’t be guilty about it. Now, to be completely honest, certain situations may require yourself to use filters, but on your own time and when it is necessary, just let go and be you. In order to be happy, true, and lovely, you need to be yourself first.

I read these four sayings from my cup of coffee this morning and they inspired me. They should inspire and they should be followed. I looked at myself and realized that I could use a little readjustment. None of us are perfect. I for one, am far from perfect. I have a hard time letting myself shine because I worry so often about how other’s view me. I do things that makes other happy, but not myself. So, my one goal for today is to be happy and to show that by letting my inner self shine. Our world is so full of so many negativities and so much hatred and violence. Very few people are happy, many are self-absorbed, and little get along. Our world will never be perfect, but getting along and having a little peace would make a difference. Start this by with having peace with yourself.




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